Getting beautiful every morning takes time and energy, and it’s hard to keep it up every day. It’s even harder when something goes awry – you’re out of something, you wake up late, you forgot your makeup bag at the gym. I love these secret beauty tips that maximize what I can do in the time I have, and help simplify my life in the case of a beauty emergency! Here’s a list of some of the best life hacks for your beauty routine. Enjoy!

  1. If you’re out of shaving cream, use hair conditioner – it does the trick!
  2. Nail polish bottle dried shut? Wrap a rubber band around the cap to help you get a better grip while twisting it open.
  3. Hold a business card or a note card behind your eyelashes as you apply mascara to avoid getting any on your eyelid.
  4. Try hair spray to fix static, runs in tights, or lint on clothes.
  5. Use white eye shadow under or around your eyes to make your eyes glow.
  6. Running late? Use dry shampoo instead of taking the time to wash and dry your hair.
  7. Instead of wasting time ironing, just use your hair straightener to press collars and shirt cuffs.
  8. If you wake up with bags under your eyes, put two metal spoons in the freezer and wait a few minutes until they’re cold. Put them (curved side down) on top of your eyelids for a few minutes.
  9. Is your mascara clumpy? Mix in some contact solution to make it last longer.
  10. Use an old Mason jar or candle holder as a makeup brush container.
  11. In a rush after a manicure? Put your wet nails into cold water for a few minutes to make them dry quicker.
  12. Apply some baby powder under your armpits to minimize sweating on a hot day.
  13. Buy some face wipes and put them by your bed for the nights that you’re too tired to wash your face.
  14. To make your eyelashes look longer, add baby powder to your lash routine.
  15. Got blisters? Try antiperspirant on your feet to prevent them – just swipe some on the area that your shoe rubs your foot.

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