Not Your Ordinary Friday

This summer Keros Entertainment(Massachusetts DJ), with the creative thinking of DJ Omari, decided to try something new. Omari was interested in polling the general public to engage in an interactive experience that included the collective but was also personal: A Free-Floating Silent Disco Party.

Everyone that agreed to attend our little experiment met at the Boston Commons on a weekend night . Upon signing up, each person received identical tracks of dance music provided by DJ Omari. Once gathered, everyone puts in their headphones, 5…4…3…2… Off you can go to explore Boston however you want while simultaneously enjoying the same experience as someone else in another place in Boston.

Unknown to us at the time, Austin Esmond of KHJ Brand Activation was in the crowd and subsequently wrote us a wonderful review of his experience that you can read here.

This is a surprise gift from the internet that we are proud to share. Thank you Austen for attending, we are looking forward to many more!


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