Elegant Overbrook House Fall Wedding


Now there’s a wedding that catches your eyes and there’s a venue which looks like something that Mother Nature preserved specifically for the celebration of this kind. Corinne & Andrew tied the knot at the luxurious Overbrook House in Cape Cod. The ceremony was chosen to be let out in the wilderness in the lap of nature; surrounded by beautiful tall trees, lush green grass and the blessing of the sun. Celebrations in a private room were for later. 

Do you know the case when simplicity is better than a thousand ornate objects? This was it. Although, the wedding was simple, it was most definitely not an ordinary one. With a simple yet elegant set-up, the couple proved that you don’t need a fancy altar to announce your love for each other. Love was in the air and the guests could feel the romance writ large on their faces. The beauty and the warmth of the ceremony left the guests almost teary as the couple exchanged their vows and shared their first kiss. 

For all the special highlights of the event, check out the amazing photography by Katie Gardner Photo. What’s the next spectacle? the bride throws in her first dance as she sways to ‘At Last’. The party was quite a dancing ball with groovy pop music. The reception witnessed some of the wildest moves by the guests we had ever seen at any wedding we’ve been a part of.

This beautiful affair, we’re sure, was quite a time for the guests and the time of their lives for Corrine and Andrew.  

Keros String Entertainment offers the couple the best wishes for their future!

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Venue: Overbrook House; Photography: Katie Gardner Photo; Ceremony & Cocktail Entertainment: Keros String Quartet; Reception Entertainment: Keros EntertainmentDJ Omari;


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