The Exhilarating Boston Corporate Christmas Party with Zudy

The Bluefins Sushi and Sake bar in Chatham, Massachusetts became a joint of sheer fun and frolic for Zudy, an app development company. DJ Omari made sure the corporate party became the most awesome party the venue had ever witnessed.

Yes, it was a corporate party and no, there was nothing formal about it. From awesome food to amazing music, there was not one weak element in the entire celebration. Everything was in the right place and everybody had the best time of their life. Be it the party people or the DJ Omari himself; it didn’t take long for them to get into the crazy party mood. Maybe it was the sake, the awesome music, the people themselves, or the whole environment. Don’t believe us? Well, check out the amazing photos of the event taken by Studio K Photography.

The party lasted for a really long time, and nobody, we mean absolutely nobody was seen sitting on the tables. They even had their meals while they were dancing, and they even had dancing sakes. Yes, that’s what we would like to call them now – dancing sakes.

No wonder the “Main guy” from Zudy and everybody else especially liked to thank DJ Omari for his awesome skills. They are planning another party in the next quarter and they’ve already booked him for it. Keros Entertainment is always excited to be associated with such great events and celebrations!


Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet1-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet2-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet3-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet4-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet5-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet6-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet7-min Cape Cod Celebration With Zudy Boston DJ-Omari-Keros-String-Quartet8-minVenue: Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar; Photography: Studio K Photography; Reception Entertainment: Keros Entertainment, DJ Omari

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